Vanilla Minecraft Server


Server Version: 1.11.2

Bukket Mods: Towny, mcMMO, Hopper Pipes

Voice/Text Chat: Chat Server Details


This is our main server.  Join in and pick a spot, claim it with Towny, and build.  This is a vanilla server with a few bukkit plugins to help manage things.

To claim a town with towny, use:

/town new townname


To expand your town:

/plot claim

To get more money to buy more plots:


That are plenty of more commands in Towny, see their site for more information.


Client Side Mods

If you want the best experience, you can download and install ‘Vanilla 1.11.2 with Extras’ from Twitch Launcher.

Details on Mod Pack…/minec…/243036-vanilla-1-11-2-extras

And details to install:…/2755-installing-a-modpack-from…