Vanilla Minecraft Server


Server Version: 1.8.8

Voice/Text Chat: Chat Server Details


This is our main server.  Join in and pick a spot to build.  This is a vanilla server with a few bukkit plugins to help manage things.

Client Side Mods

For those looking to add mapping and/or NEI to their instance you can use the following links below to prepare your Client or you can follow this quick guide:

First, at the time of this writing, these mods are only available for V1.8.0 of Minecraft.  This is fine as all clients starting with V1.8 can connect to any V1.8.x server.  You will need to modify your profile in Minecraft to make it specifically use V1.8.0.  (see green arrows).  Also make note of your game directory as we’ll need this for later (yellow arrow)


Once created, click ‘play’ and let Minecraft start once so it can download and make the necessary folders we’ll need.  Exit Minecraft once it starts.

Now, go here and download/install Forge for V1.8 of Minecraft.  If your Java is setup correctly, you can just run the file like any other executable.  Follow the prompts to install the client.  It should download the necessary components and let finish without error.

Next you will need to install liteloader mod from here.  Get the version for V1.8.0 of Minecraft for your OS.  Run the executable.  Under “Install LiteLoader”, make sure to select the profile with Forge in the name under “Extend From:”

Once both are installed, go to that game directory folder we remembered from above.  In there will be a folder called ‘mods’.  Download and unpack this file (a copy of the below mods and support files) and copy the contents into that folder.  Now you should be able to start Minecraft, select the LiteLoader profile and click ‘Play’.

Good Luck.



Zan’s Mini-Map

A minimap lets you see an overview of where you are in the server and will keep track of where you’ve been so you can see the full map you have personally have explored.  An additional feature is to add Waypoints to the map so you can mark off important locations like where your home is, Spawn and such.  This is very important in places like the Nether where you cannot easily find where your portal is if you get lost.



NEI (Not Enough Items)

NEI fills a gap that Minecraft has always had.  No easy way in-game to look up recipes.  It modifies your inventory/crafting screen with a handy list of every item in the game on the right side of the screen.  If you left-click on any item it will display the recipe to make it.  Right-click on an item and it can tell you what that item can be crafted with to make other things.  NEI makes the best effort to discover all recipes, but in some cases it will not know about certain other mods and what they can be used to make.  This will not be the case for a vanilla server.